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Bulgaria Emits New State Debt Worth BGN 100 M

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Bulgaria Emits New State Debt Worth BGN 100 M

A new state debt worth BGN 100 M is going to be emitted on the home market in March.

An emission of Bulgarian government bonds in BGN will be put on the counter at a tender scheduled for March 20th.

The bonds are worth BGN 100 M and mature in ten and a half years.

This emission is going to complement the one of January 25th, which is scheduled to mature on July 25, 2025.

For a few months in 2016 the ministry of finance abstained from releasing government bonds emissions on the home market, but in 2017 it announces a bond tender every month.

An emission of government bonds worth BGN 50 M were released in January, followed by one for BGN 60 M and a four-year maturity term in February. The latter also yield a record-low return of just 0.18%.

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