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Budget 2018 Provides More Money for Bulgarian Municipalities

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Budget 2018 Provides More Money for Bulgarian Municipalities

The Ministry of Finance

(October 30, 2017 Sofia) The state subsidies for the Bulgarian municipalities for 2018 amount to BGN 3.264 billion. This is by BGN 382.7 million more than the planned subsidies for 2017, reads the draft budget for 2018, which has been submitted for public discussion by the Ministry of Finance.

Thus, the mayors are going to have more money to finance projects of local importance, such as renovation and rehabilitation of school buildings, kindergartens and daycare homes, as well as for repair and maintenance roads and street lamps.
In addition, the revenues from local taxes are expected to increase – housing, automobile and domestic waste taxes are set to go up in 2018.

The number of cars in the country is growing at a very fast pace, especially in the big cities, new residential and administrative buildings are mushrooming. And this leads to an increase in municipal revenues.

The target subsidy for capital expenditures of the municipalities in the next year increases by BGN 10 million and amounts to BGN 164 million, reads the draft budget for 2018.

The municipalities will receive BGN 35.2 million for winter road maintenance and snow cleaning , which is BGN 5 million more than the money for 2017.

There is going to be an increase of the salary and social security benefits of the employees in the municipal administrations in the country - the budget for 2018 provides an additional BGN 23 million for the purpose.

In addition, from next year on the municipalities are given the opportunity to use shared services - for example, IT service management, financial accounting, legal and human resources management.

This will reduce the number of clerks in the municipalities, but those who keep their chairs may receive higher salaries.

The neighboring municipalities will be able to share the costs of building and maintaining parking lots, garages, public transport sites, surveillance and security systems, street lighting, green areas, parks and gardens as well as health, education, culture, social assistance, sports, recreation and tourism establishments.

Thus, municipalities will be able to offer their citizens better living conditions by making more effective use of available funds. For example, a municipality that attracts many tourists will be able to spend money on tourist attractions, or places for sports and recreation located in a neighboring municipality, which will, however, attract more guests to the entire region.

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