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Borissov meets US state secretary Mike Pompeo

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Borissov meets US state secretary Mike Pompeo

Meeting with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Saturday in New York, Bulgarian prime minister Boiko Borissov reconfirmed the strategic partnership between Bulgaria and the United States. In his words, the two countries share common values and interests and are committed to keeping the peace and the world order. The co-operation with the US has an important place in Bulgaria's foreign policy both on the bilateral and multilateral plain, Borissov said
Borissov pointed out that the US and Bulgaria have excellent relations in security and defence both on the bilateral plain and within NATO. He praised the decisive actions taken by the United States through the European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) and Operation Atlantic Resolve.
At the meeting, Borissov recalled the Bulgarian Government's approval in early 2018 of the gradual increase of defence expenditure to 2 per cent of GDP by 2024. He and Pompeo noted the close bilateral cooperation in defence and trade and economic cooperation. The Bulgarian PM said that the attraction of US investments is among the key priorities in his Government's efforts.
Borissov told the US secretary of state with the progress in the construction of Bulgaria's intersystem gas connections with Greece, Serbia and Turkey, with the modernisation and enlargement of the existing gas transmission system in Bulgaria, and with the exploration for natural gas in the Black Sea. "Our country would highly appreciate the USA's support for the construction of the gas distribution centre on Bulgarian territory, which would expand Bulgaria's energy diversification and would help build a competitive and liberalized gas market in Europe," Borissov said.

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