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Binge Drinking Sends Bulgarian Teen to ER

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Binge Drinking Sends Bulgarian Teen to ER

A fourteen-year-old boy was rushed to the ER of the Naval Hospital in the coastal city of Varna yesterday. The doctors found out that the unconscious patient's blood alcohol content measured the shocking 4.2 permille.

His 13-year-old mate had 1.2 permilles. According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Snezha Zlateva, chief of the hospital's detoxification ward, the two boys had been binge drinking for at least 48 hours before they ended up in ER.

Witnesses say they first had a few drinks in a tavern downtown and then they went to a night club, where they kept drinking until dawn.

On paper at least, it is forbidden to serve or sell alcohol to minors or under-aged individuals in Bulgaria.

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