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Banks’ profits reached over a billion leva by the end of August

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Banks’ profits reached over a billion leva by the end of August

By the end of August 2018, the profit of the banking system amounted to 1.088 billion leva up from 913 million leva for the same period of last year, the Bulgarian National Bank said.
In August 2018 the assets of the banking system increased on a monthly basis by 0.7 per cent (717 million leva) to 103 billion leva.
The gross loan portfolio grew by 0.7 per cent (444 million leva) to 60.2 billion leva. There was an increase in the loans to non-financial corporations (by 81 million leva, 0.2 per cent), to other financial corporations (by 89 million leva, 3 per cent), to households (by 184 million leva, 0.9 per cent) and to the general governments sector (by 90 million leva, 14.4 per cent).
The deposits in the banking system grew during the month by 0.8 per cent (701 million leva) and as of end-August amounted to 88.7 billion leva in total.
There was an increase in the deposits of households (by 437 million leva, 0.9 per cent), of other financial corporations (by 74 million leva, 2.5 per cent), and of the general governments sector (by 481 million leva, 20.2 per cent).
A decrease was registered in the deposits of non-financial corporations (by 68 million leva, 0.3 per cent) and of credit institutions (by 223 million leva, 3.9 per cent).
The total equity in the banking system's balance sheet amounted to 12.4 billion leva at the end of August 2018, with a monthly increase of 139 million leva (1.1 per cent).
The liquidity buffer and net liquidity outflow calculated according to Commission Delegated Regulation (ЕU) 2015/61 (to supplement Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council) as of end - August were 24.5 billion leva and 7 billion leva, respectively. The ratio between the two values (liquidity coverage ratio) was 349.2 per cent.

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