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Baby Foods in Bulgaria Twice as Expensive as in Western Europe

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Baby Foods in Bulgaria Twice as Expensive as in Western Europe

Rumen Porozhanov

One and the same baby foods sold in Bulgaria and in Western Europe are twice as expensive here, the results of a recent survey carried out by officers of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency show.

The worrying information was announced by Agriculture Minister Rumen Porozhanov, speaking at a discussion on the dual standards on foods in the EU, organized by Ombudsman Maya Manolova.

Minister Porozhanov said he had had talks with representatives of two of the retail chains where inflated prices had been detected, adding that he was planning to hold talks with the managers of the other chains as well.

Of the 30 checked baby foods, only seven had different ingredients than their counterparts sold in Western Europe, but almost all of them were twice as expensive here.

Minister Porohanov vowed that the checkups would continue until the merchants and producers start to observe equal standards for their products sold in Eastern and Western Europe.

According to Ombudsman Maya Manolova, the Bulgarians have been discriminated against, since they have to pay more for lower quality products than their fellow EU citizens from the old EU member states

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