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Ataka wants imprisonment for homosexuals

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Ataka wants imprisonment for homosexuals

Sofia. Bulgarian right extreme party Ataka proposes amendments to the Criminal Code in order to provide for imprisonment for people who demonstrate their own or the homosexuality of others.

The proposal was submitted to the clerk of the National Assembly on Friday, party leader Volen Siderov informed.

The sixth annual Sofia Pride LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) parade started today from 3 pm in the Bulgarian capital.

It was originally scheduled for June 22 but was postponed due to security issues. Earlier this year Sofia Pride has received the support of 14 embassies and numerous other organizations.

One of the motives of this year's is to seek justice for the murder of 26-year old Mihail Stoyanov, who was beaten to death in 2008 in one of Sofia's parks due to his different sexual orientation. The homophobe suspects were placed under house arrest but they were released two years later.

The parade also raises its voice against Russia's "gay propaganda law." Organisers say such laws are in violation of fundamental human rights and freedoms and are imposed on the basis of false stereotypes about people with unusual sexual orientation.

The first gay pride parade was held in 1969 in New York, which was rapidly followed by others throughout the world.

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