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Ataka leader’s scandal sparks protests both in support and against him

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Ataka leader’s scandal sparks protests both in support and against him

Sofia. Two protests – one requesting to lift the immunity of scandalous Ataka leader Volen Siderov and one in his support will gather at noon in front of the Palace of Justice in Sofia.

Meanwhile, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office is expected to decide today whether to strip the politician from his immunity after a new scandal which included hurting two men, including one police officer in an airport shuttle bus.

The ultranationalist leader is now under investigation for hooliganism and causing slight bodily harm. The politician got into a dispute late on Monday with a French cultural attaché during a Sofia-Varna flight and later attacked a man in a Varna airport shuttle bus.

Siderov has been involved in a number of scandals over the last few years. Besides his recent questionable luxury travel photos from Venice and Cuba while the Bulgarian Parliament was working, he also caused a public row in Brussels where where he was denied entry.

In 2010, he was detained in Germany after he insulted a Lufthansa flight attendant with racist comments.

Even though it is not officially in power, Siderov's anti-Western party is a still a key ally of the country's fragile Socialist-led coalition government.

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