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Allterco Robotics offers IoT innovations with Deutsche Telekom

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Allterco Robotics offers IoT innovations with Deutsche Telekom

The Bulgarian Company has already become a part of Hub:raum

Allterco Robotics became part of Hub:raum – the programme by Deutsche Telekom for developing innovations with the help of start-ups. The Bulgarian IoT company was chosen among hundreds of candidates from all over the world that offer solutions and products for installing LTE-M networks.

The second stage for Allterco was its participation in the LTE-M Prototyping workshop where they presented, together with other 23 companies, innovative concepts and solutions in product categories of Wearables and Smart Homes. The ideas and solutions that the Bulgarian company showed at the event managed to impress all visitors. Hence, the starting business continues beyond prototypes in further implementation of ideas in partnership of the German telecom.

Jointly with Deutsche Telekom and under the German management and with their support, Alltecroe is going to work on smart LTE tracking devices of the MyKi series, as well as on a production line called Shelly Smart Home, using NB IoT.
Launched in 2012 by the leading telecommunication company Deutsche Telekom, the Hub:raum programme aims at research and development of innovative solutions and products in the IoT sphere (www.hubraum.com). It targets IT start-ups and fresh companies from all over the world.

To put it shortly, Hub:raum is a technological incubator for Deutsche Telekom. Planned as partnership between start-ups and the German telecom, the Hub:raum strives to provide support and encouragement to innovation creation. It also opens new business options for both sides: start-ups win financial support and access to technology resources, as well as the customers and the knowledge base of Deutsche Telekom. Meanwhile, the telecom itself utilizes the new business opportunities that the innovative ideas of start-ups provide to the company.

A week ago, Hub:raum hosted the LTE-M prototyping workshop, where more than 100 people (including entrepreneurs, mentors, engineers, members of the programming team and experts of T-mobile) partnered with each other to identify, plan and create prototypes and develop customer solutions for an LTE-M network, secured by Deutsche Telekom. The workshop also presented the unique opportunity for earning experience with the introduction of NB-IoT in the market and for joint research and implementation of solutions, based on IoT connectivity. The team of Allterco Robotics was among those that actively participated in the workshop.

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