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There Are at least Twenty-five Reasons to Be Proud of Standart

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 There Are at least Twenty-five Reasons to Be Proud of Standart

"We will forever remain the trailblazers of Bulgarian journalism," says Standart Editor-in-chief Slavka Bozukova

One is as big as their dreams. That's true. By reading with you, dear reader, all the good words and birthday wishes from the first to the last page of today's issue of our beloved newspaper, I see that my greatest dream has come true - to be part of the most Bulgarian and the most dignified newspaper that has stayed away from all the sins and vanity in the years of the so-called "transition to democracy" in Bulgaria.

This dream began 25 years ago, when 50 people gathered with lots of inspiration and enthusiasm to launch a "truly different" daily in Bulgaria. I became part of the team a year later - on August 1, 1993. The place of this gathering is long forgotten, but their idea lives on today!

Waving the blue newspaper of democracy in the streets

Since then, nearly 600 people have got in touch with the Standart's magic, and some say this has been their best professional experience, others say this has been the most romantic part of their professional biography. They all are still proud of having being part of the Standart's family, and there are at least 25 reasons to do so.

The Standart has always been, and will continue to be, an innovator in journalism. It has first launched specialized pullouts for business, politics, culture, sports.
The Standart is also Bulgaria's first online newspaper, including an English version of its website.
The Standart has also been the most social newspaper in Bulgaria.
During the Zhan Videnov's Winter in 1997, when the state was literary falling apart, The Standart became the flagship of the "Blue Revolution", the only one to be printed out with huge stamps "RESIGNATION" on each page, thus urging the then Prime Minister and his cabinet to step down.

Since its inception, The Standart has always put the national interest above everything else, and during Lyuben Berov's term in office we exposed the scandalous cessation of Chimko chemical plant; we were also the first to bring to light the greatest theft of Ivan Kostov's Cabinet –the scandalous privatization of the national air carrier, BGA Balkan.
Even Brussels is referring to our publications exposing top-level corruption schemes.

For 25 years, Standard has always paid special attention to the problems of the ordinary Bulgarian. Now, the US Embassy in Sofia has launched a campaign seeking the man, who's going to change Bulgaria. Their initiative was preceded by the Standart's campaign "Resurrect the Good," during which we helped dozens of troubled and depressed Bulgarians to go back on track and find their way in life.

The Standart has always supported the Bulgarian business. The pearl in the crown is YES! To The Bulgarian Economy - our largest ever economic campaign, organized yearly since 2015 we have been making since 2015 in partnership with KRIB.
It was thanks to this campaign that the Bulgarian companies now use cheaper electric energy.

For The Standart, human life and freedom are sacred, and we have proven this with the "You are not alone" campaign that resulted in the release by Gaddafi of the six Bulgarian nurses imprisoned in Libya.

The most important reason to be proud of Standart is that we are the most Bulgarian newspaper with the most patriotic campaigns, and we will continue to do so, because we believe that journalism is more than a profession. We go where there is no road, so that we can to leave trace!

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