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Poptodorova Steps down as Director of AJC’s Office for Central Europe

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 Poptodorova Steps down as Director of AJC’s Office for Central Europe

Elena Poptodorova, former ambassador of Bulgaria to the USA, has stepped down as director of the American Jewish Committee's Warsaw office for Central Europe for personal reasons, JTA has reported.

Poptodorova, who was detained for stealing cosmetics from a duty-free shop at the Polish capital's airport a few days ago, admitted her guilt after stepping out of the shop on Monday holding cosmetics worth about $400. She announced her resignation from AJC in the wake of the incident.

Local media reported that Poptodorova explained the situation as a big misunderstanding.
In her own words, she had the cosmetics in her hand when her seriously ill mother called on her mobile. She took the call and unwittingly stepped out of the shop to continue the conversation, not noticing that she still had the products in her hand.

"The woman pleaded guilty, gave back the stolen items, voluntarily surrendered punishment and after that she was dismissed," Tomasz Oleszczuk of the press section of the Metropolitan Police in Warsaw told JTA.

Yesterday, AJC sent a statement to JTA saying the resignation of Poptodorova had been accepted. AJC has appointed Agnieszka Markiewicz as acting director until a new head of the organization is elected.

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