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800 migrants are walking to Bulgaria from Istanbul

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800 migrants are walking to Bulgaria from Istanbul

About 800 migrants are walking from Istanbul to Turkey's border town of Edirne. They are mainly Syrians, a BNR correspondent in Istanbul informs.

The migrants want to reach the borders with Bulgaria and Greece and then being transferred to Europe, but the Turkish security forces did not allow them to travel by bus from the bus station. So they decided to go on foot.

The international Esenler passenger bus in Istanbul is also jammed by hundreds of migrants - men, women and children. The buses are full and the companies ceased to issue tickets.

Most migrants were without passports and as such some companies refuse to carry them. The migrants are revolting that they are not allowed to board the buses. Some of them shouted: "We do not want anything from you just to allow us to travel to Bulgaria or Greece." Others chanted "Tayyip Erdogan father, do not torment us, just open the border and let us go."

It required the involvement of the police to pacify the migrants.

Allegations emerged that over 500 people have flocked to the Istanbul bus station, hoping that they will find transport.

The bus station in Edirne was also clogged with 250 other people. There, the authorities did not release them to continue to the border.

The aim of most of the migrants is to get to Germany, the Netherlands or any other European country, but not to stay in Bulgaria or Greece.

They prefer to go to Edirne, as the road to Greece by sea is perceived as dangerous.

There are many young men among the refugees who claim to have defected from the army of Bashar Assad.

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