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501 illegal immigrants detained in Bulgaria

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501 illegal immigrants detained in Bulgaria

501 illegal immigrants were detained in Bulgaria in a joint operation of the MI, NSA and prosecution, said Interior Ministry Secretary in Chief Georgi Kostov and senior representatives of the Prosecutor's Office and the National Security Agency at a press conference today, announced Nova TV.

They reported the results of the ongoing joint operation of the Ministry of Interior, NSA and the prosecution against illegal migration and human trafficking. The operation is ongoing throughout the country. The main players and smuggling routes are being analyzed.

At the press conference it emerged authorities were working in three directions. The first is against those, who have made a career out of human traffic. Secondly, authorities are searching vehicles and buildings in the border regions, where it is assumed that there is a risk.

Third, they are searching high-risk premises in Sofia, Dragoman, Vidin, and Montana. They are checking houses, hostels and abandoned buildings. 38 pre-trial proceedings have been initiated and 46 individuals have been arrested.

According to the police human traffic is an extremely profitable business at the moment.

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