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494:122 for Brexit

A triumphant Theresa May is on course to trigger Article 50 by her target of early March, after the Brexit bill cleared the Commons with no changes.

On a day in which Britain veered ever closer to a "hard Brexit", Jeremy Corbyn was stung – and divisions in the Labour exposed still further – by the resignation of Clive Lewis, a key ally of the Labour leader in the shadow Cabinet.

MPs again gave their overwhelming backing to the Prime Minister to start withdrawal talks on her terms – by 494 votes to 122 – on the final Commons reading of the landmark legislation.

Crucially, they rejected no fewer than nine attempted amendments, including one to guarantee the future rights of EU nationals, which means a 'clean' Bill will go to the upper chamber.

Delighted Brexit supporters believe that will make it harder for the unelected Lords – despite a strong Remain majority – to amend the Bill, because of a reluctance to take on elected MPs.

Source: The Independent

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