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35 000 children to attend 400 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad

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35 000 children to attend 400 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad

More than 35 000 children will apply for and attend about 400 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad in the next school year, education and science minister Krassimir Valchev said at the annual conference of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad. The event entitled "The Bulgarian Language: A Spiritual Bridge for National Unity" was held at the National Assembly building.

Minister Valchev recalled that ten years ago there were about 50 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad with slightly more than 3 000 students. Education abroad improved considerably when a Council of Ministers' decree institutionalized state support and ensured the schools' steady funding. The Pre-School and School Education Act further institutionalized the Sunday schools, so that they were regulated as part of the Bulgarian education system.

Another Council of Ministers' decree made it possible to post teachers, said Valchev. Many schools now have only one or two teachers and, in some places, there may be no teachers at all in the future. Distance education in its two forms makes it possible to involve more people. There is also extra financing for special interest activities.

@IptvsatInfo · 22:01 · 27.07.2018
studying abroad has many benefits.i did it.
i studied at Sherbrooke university Canada 2006 and i studied English language at open learning in Dublin ireland 2011.
of course when i studied at shebrook university language used was French .

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