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30 years later: 1.7 million Bulgarians, 2.8 million Roma

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30 years later: 1.7 million Bulgarians, 2.8 million Roma

In 30 years the Bulgarians in Bulgaria will be only 1.7 million. The Roma population of the country, on the other hand, will number 2.8 million. The remaining 700,000 are going to be ethnic Turks. These predictions were made yesterday during "Hello, Bulgaria" on Nova TV by Acad. Petar Ivanov, Director of the Demographic Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

According to obstetrician-gynecologist Assoc. Prof. Atanas Shterev the government should stop giving assistance benefits to poor families with small children. This would limit the birth rate among the Roma, who beget "unhappy children."

According to Associate Professor Shterev emigration and immigration processes will also change the demographic situation in the country.

"A large number of poorly educated refugees will settle in Bulgaria. Most of the immigrants now are young adults and children and they will be given refugee status in European countries because of the aging population across the continent," commented Shterev.

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