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100 Syrians go on hunger strike due to bad circumstances in BG camps

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100 Syrians go on hunger strike due to bad circumstances in BG camps

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Dozens of men, women and children in the Bulgarian refugee camp in Harmanli chose the means of the hunger strike as a protest against the chronic malnutrition and slow procedures for obtaining a refugee status, Standart daily reports.

The rebellion against the poor living conditions has gathered more than 100 people from different nationalities.

"You can not say that we are on a hunger strike because of the fact we are constantly hungry. We are lacking food and they would not let us to buy some. We have no medicine. It is cold in the camp and our children suffer" Syrian woman Dzhavziya Saifaydani complains.

This is the second protest in the refugee camp.

While they join in protest against hunger and poverty, the camp's inhabitants of different nationalities defend their interests and communities rigorously. Illegals from Afghanistan criticized the Bulgarian authorities that they give advantage to people from Syria. They are complaining that their wives are in a panic because the majority of Syrians constantly warn them to be careful saying that the camp is " theirs ."

" The procedure of obtaining the refugee status can not happen overnight, however nuch it would wished to be so by some" camp director Zhelyu Zhelev commented in response to the rebellion.

Harmanli houses 1,176 people in tents and caravans. Of these, 1,030 are Syrians.

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